Monday, November 30, 2015

Planning & Development Map is here!

The City has launched a new user-friendly, online mapping tool to allow citizens to comment on and follow redesignation applications:

What’s New?
  • Social media sharing
  • Multiple search options
  • File status tracker
  • Plain language descriptions
  • Direct comments and feedback
  • Online and mobile access

Users can follow the progress of redesignation applications from submission through decision by City Council. The site includes plain language descriptions of redesignation applications and users can submit comments to City Planners and Council online. Applications can be searched by file number, address, community or ward. Layers can also be added or removed so that citizens can see the borders of their community and ward.

This data has been available before but hasn’t had the interactive functionality that this map provides. The comment/feedback features are new and a huge leap for citizen interaction and engagement on redesignation applications.

The map is online and mobile friendly and can be used on Android, iOS and Blackberry handheld devices.

What’s Next?
The site is in beta mode and City staff are continuously working to populate all application pages with plain language descriptions and application details. We encourage user feedback on the online and mobile versions of the site. Tweaks to the existing map, along with new features will be added over 2016, including more application types and file descriptions. Phase I of the release focuses on redesignation applications.


  1. Thank you so much for making this website! It has been very useful and awesome.

  2. Recently I haven't been able to access the website as it just says "loading". Please help. Thank you.

    1. We were able to work through an issue with the Planning & Development Map last week. All should be in good working order now. Thanks for the feedback.