Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Help make Spring Clean-Up a sweeping success

The City’s annual Spring Clean-up program kicked off on April 3, with some big changes to the program this year.

Until June 1, crews will be out sweeping up dirt and debris leftover from winter on over 15,000 lane kilometres of road across Calgary. When crews sweep up gravel and debris, it keeps it out of the air and our storm drain systems. Clean streets are also safer for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

During pre-sweeping in March, crews were able to complete a significant amount of sweeping due to warm and dry weather conditions. Sweeping has continued successfully throughout April as well.

Residents looking for more information about the program can visit Calgary.ca/sweep to read the answers to some frequently asked questions. Here are a few we’ve heard so far:

How can I find out when crews will be sweeping my street?

This year, crews are sweeping 7 days/week, an increase from the previous schedule of 4 days/week. To find out when sweepers will be on your street, watch for the large green community sweeping signs posted in your area and look up your address at Calgary.ca/sweep.

What are the new parking restrictions in place this year?

All communities are now under parking restrictions when streets are being swept. When the large green community signs (pictured) are placed around your community, a parking ban is in effect for the entire community. Any vehicles left on the road at this time are at risk of receiving a ticket, but will not be towed. For this reason, crews will have to sweep around these vehicles, reducing the effectiveness of the sweeping program.

Why didn’t the vehicles left on my street receive a ticket or tow?

If the small “No Parking” signs are placed every few metres along your street, vehicles will be ticketed and towed. In areas where the green community signs are placed, but the small “No Parking’ signs are not, towing will not occur.

Although the Calgary Parking Authority is enforcing tickets when community signs are out, not every neighbourhood can be attended to. Crews typically sweep in five different areas of Calgary every day for two months, so not every vehicle can be ticketed and/or towed over this period of time.

What do I do if street cleaning falls on garbage collection day?

If you have front street collection, place your blue and black carts on the sidewalk or grass boulevard next to the curb. Once street cleaning is complete, you can put your carts out as normal on collection day.

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  1. I think that to help enforce this issue, the city needs to show action for a year and start ticketing and towing vehicles. Nobody moves their vehicles as they know nothing will happen. The city isn't going to back up their claim of what they 'might do'. This year and next they need to hit the vehicles hard. Assign a Parking Enforcement/Bylaw officer to the areas at the start of the clean. They drive around and ticket vehicles. A couple of hours and they have patrolled the cleaning route, tickets issued and then drivers will start thinking.

    1. Since Spring Clean-up began on April 3, Calgary Parking Authority has ticketed over 800 vehicles. Crews are sweeping in 5 different areas of the city 7 days/week during Spring Clean-up, so CPA cannot attend to all neighbourhoods for ticketing. Communities with many vehicles left on the street are noted, and may be recommended for increased enforcement next year.

      For more information, please visit Calgary.ca/sweep, or to request a re-sweep of your neighbourhood, please contact 311.

  2. The sweepers are on Martinbrook link now and not very many people moved the cars, the same people did not move last year either. Where are the bylaw officers to ticket and or tow these offenders??? Bylaw officers should follow the sweepers to ensure cars are out of the way or tow them.Follow the rules people!!!!

  3. Such a wonderful explanation about street cleaning.