Monday, May 9, 2016

Six new public art projects to watch for in Calgary

We'd like to congratulate the latest group of talented artists who will be completing six upcoming public art projects in Calgary:

1. Street Art Program for Youth

This program engages students in a supportive environment and promotes the practice of safe and respectful urban muralism.

Lead artist AJA Louden developed the 2016 program curriculum and is joined by professional artist, Dan Bergeron who will lead participants in the first site mural in 2016. The mural will be located along the 61st Avenue S.W. corridor between Chinook Centre and Chinook CTrain station. Professional artist Sergey Ryutin will lead youth for the second project in 2016, located in Thomson Family Park.

Students are guided by professional artists and learn art-making skills that add to the vibrant urban life of our city. They gain an understanding of what it means to be working to meet the needs of a commissioning body and contributing to the larger community through their creativity.

2. Manhole Covers

More than 12,000 km of underground pipes travel beneath our city streets, servicing water, stormwater and wastewater. Hidden from view, this massive network is accessible through more than 200,000 manhole covers across Calgary. Through regular maintenance, we replace approximately 2,000 manhole covers each year.

Artists Jeff Kulak (Vancouver) and Ivan Ostapenko (Calgary) have been selected to create new manhole cover designs that represent, express and reveal each of the distinct, hidden systems of water, wastewater, and stormwater.

Look out for their new designs which will be incorporated into the replacement cover program and will be fabricated from this year onward.

3. Prairie Winds Park Public Art Project

We have hired Incipio Modo, an artist collective, to create a permanent public art project at the redeveloped Prairie Winds Park. Incipio Modo is comprised of Calgary-based sculptors Danira Miralda and Edward Beltran.

They produce both abstract and figurative work in a wide variety of materials. The duo have experience in producing site-specific sculpture for public and private spaces of varying sizes and complexities, both in the built and natural environments.

4. WATERSHED+ Dynamic Environment Lab

Five artists have been chosen to develop concepts to renew the emotional connections between Calgarians and their watershed. They will explore the impacts of our continuously shifting environment, connect with experts, and build relationships with the local arts community over the next two years.

The five artists are: Steve Gurysh; Tim Knowles; Becky Shaw; Stokley Towles; and Peter Von Tiesenhousen.

Each artist was given six weeks to submit a concept proposal and a seven-member jury selection panel has invited each artist to move forward with further researching, exploring and implementing these concepts.

5. West Eau Claire – Phase I

As part of Calgary’s downtown riverfront, West Eau Claire Park is one of the most well-loved public spaces in Calgary. Defining the edge of the Centre City, people of all ages and backgrounds come together to enjoy the river and open spaces.

Phase I of the West Eau Claire Park Public Realm Plan is focused on the Delta Garden, located south of the iconic Peace Bridge, which will integrate public art into the pathway design. Calgary-based artists Cailtind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garret were chosen to create a design for the pathways.

They work with diverse mediums and materials, ranging from artificial light to re-appropriated architectural debris. Comprehensive community engagement with area residents, stakeholders and citizens from around Calgary led to a plan that aims to build on the river’s inherent qualities to create an inspiring public park representing modern Calgary.

6. Utility Boxes along Fifth and Sixth Avenue SW corridors

Artist Eveline Kolijn will lead 10 artist mentees in a six-week mentorship to develop 12 utility boxes on the west side of the Fifth and Sixth Avenue SW corridors. This will allow local artists to expand their skills under the guidance of and established artist.

We developed the artist mentorship program in collaboration with Alberta Printmakers to develop new possibilities for the Utility Box program. Each mentee will receive $500 and an annual membership with Alberta Printmakers.

Artists can apply to be part of the Utility Box Program. Visit the Facebook event for more information.

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