Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Three ways to discover Calgary’s path and bikeways

You now have three ways to help you get the most out of your pathway and bikeway outings or, better yet, explore other areas of the 800+ kilometre system.

And two of them give you access to real-time information on temporary closures, such as the one currently in effect as part of the controlled high-flow event.

1. Printed Map
New print editions of the Pathways & Bikeways map are now available for pick up at any City aquatic  or leisure centre. In addition to many new and upgraded sections of pathway since the last print in 2012, the new edition includes the protected bike lanes installed to date as part of the Downtown Cycle Track Pilot Project.

It also identifies the sections of pathways we plow during the winter, the locations of park ‘n bike lots – ideal for exploring new areas of the system – bicycle parking sites, tips for using and sharing the network safely, and online resources to check for pathway closures and detours in real-time.

2. Mobile App
Download the latest version of our Bikeways & Pathways app. It’s now available for both iOS and Android devices, and provides many new and improved features based on user feedback on the earlier version.

Improvements include GPS tracking, real-time pathway status information such as temporary closures, and a direct link to 311 to report any problem areas you may come across while out on the pathways.

3. Online
Like the app, the online map allows you to select from a list of 17 layers of information to make it as simple or robust as you like.  You can also see where we’ve added new links and completed lifecycle upgrades under the Pathways Lifecycle & Missing Links tab.

Pick the format or combination of formats that works best for you, and then get out and enjoy those pathways.

For more information on pathways and bikeways, visit us at calgary.ca/pathways.

Submitted by Donna Bertrand, Community Services

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