Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Deerfoot Trail - Not Just Another Study

Deerfoot Trail is a critical road in Calgary’s network, and for thousands of Calgarians, it’s also a source of daily frustration. Congestion in Calgary is an average of 20 extra minutes every day, or about 80 hours a year, and although these numbers are actually better than every other major Canadian city, there are definitely opportunities for improvement.

The City of Calgary (The City) and Alberta Transportation (AT) are taking a detailed look at at traffic and safety on Deerfoot Trail. Yes, it’s another study. But this study is different for two reasons:
  1. We’ll make recommendations for short-term improvements to address the existing problems, as well as a long-term improvement plan to manage traffic, growth and safety over the next 30 years
  2. We’re looking at a comprehensive range of freeway management strategies, many of which are new to Calgary

The study will define and recommend a program of upgrades to improve predictability and safety on Deerfoot Trail, with a focus on making the most of the existing roadway, planning for future growth and aligning with the Calgary Transportation Plan.

Public Engagement
The first phase of public engagement is underway. You can give input online at calgary.ca/deerfoot until June 30, or attend one of six open houses across the city. Public input from this phase will be used to help confirm the problems we are trying to solve, and understand Calgarians’ priorities about where and how you use the road.

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