Thursday, June 15, 2017

Play area, public art, new trees and a rain garden all part of the 4 Avenue Flyover project’s final concepts

Students from Langevin Science School, the University of Calgary’s Landscape Architecture program, with support from The City, unveiled their final concept for the green space under the 4 Avenue N.E. Flyover.

The final design includes safety elements, public art, play opportunities and a rain garden which will all enhance the walkway between Bridgeland Riverside and Calgary’s downtown and river pathway network.

After reviewing the public’s top choices of the six concepts that were presented in April, a final design was created from those preferred components, along with technical advice from City experts.

These final design features are:
  • Better lighting
  • Play area and adventure play opportunities
  • Colourful public art – including a community banner on the flyover
  • New trees, organized to feel like an orchard
  • A rain garden to clean and slow storm water 
  • A boardwalk through the rain garden (wheelchair accessible) 
  • Street art created to be playful and allow students to leave their mark. 
  • Shipping container artist spaces 
  • Location for an artist to create a gateway feature
  • An inclusive space to gather and play games

The project will be funded through grant applications, some existing City programs and community donations and will be built as budget becomes available and according to opportunities for greatest impact. To-date, the project has already been awarded a Soul of the City grant, a local developer is donating rocks for the rain garden and The City will be planting carefully selected trees for the environment near Memorial Drive.

The City would like to say thank you to our many partners in the community, Langevin Science School and University of Calgary for giving life and ideas to this hidden opportunity.

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