Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The City celebrates World Wi-Fi Day

Today is World Wi-Fi Day, a day to recognize and celebrate the significant role Wi-Fi is playing in connecting cities and communities around the world. It is hard to believe that the Internet has been around since 1969 and last year the Internet got its very own global day of recognition.

Did you know that The City has a Public Wi-Fi program that provides Wi-Fi service to over 65 City facilities and locations using the Shaw Go WiFi network? Since last year, when Mayor Nenshi acknowledged June 20 as World Wi-Fi Day, over 8,200,000 guest connections have been made using the Shaw Go WiFi network.

The public Wi-Fi service started in 2013 and is available to all members of the public at no charge. Below are some interesting facts about The City’s public Wi-Fi program.

The top LRT Stations where Calgarians use public Wi-Fi are:
  • Chinook LRT Station 
  • Marlborough LRT Station 
  • City Hall LRT Station 
  • Rundle LRT Station 
  • Whitehorn LRT Station
The top City facilities where Calgarians use public Wi-Fi are:
  • Southland Leisure Centre 
  • Calgary Soccer Centre 
  • Village Square Leisure Centre 
  • Devonian Gardens 
  • Henry Viney/Stew Hendry Arenas 
The City has been working with Shaw to expand its public Wi-Fi program to make it easier for Calgarians to stay connected while travelling around Calgary. Coming in early July all LRT stations in Calgary will have public Wi-Fi access using the Shaw Go WiFi network. Learn how you can connect to this free service by visiting the Public Wi-Fi program.

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