Monday, November 14, 2011

Proposed plans and budgets, Part 1: Community & Protective Services

Here is the first instalment of a week-long blog series on the proposed plans and budgets. We will feature a different department each day and provide highlights from their proposed plans and budgets. You will also be able the follow links to more detailed descriptions and to see the documents online.

Monday: Community & Protective Services
Tuesday: Planning, Development & Assessment
Wednesday: Transportation
Thursday: Utilities & Environmental Protection
Friday: Corporate Services and Corporate Administration

Community Services & Protective Services (CS&PS)
We work to improve the quality of life for all Calgarians. We have a wide array of services delivered with a large network of partners. Our services include firefighting, emergency response and prevention programs to keep citizens safe. We provide parks and playfields, recreational programs and facilities, and arts and cultural opportunities that make our city attractive with enjoyable leisure time activities.

We look after our most vulnerable citizens by offering assistance for those most in need. Our city is clean and strong through programs such as graffiti removal and support to community groups. Lost pets are returned home through our licensing program.  These services and a whole host of other activities reflect the values of our citizens and help create the communities that Calgarians want to live in.

From programs and services supporting pet owners, to community recreation activities and social programs for seniors, youth, women in need and the homeless, to dispatching emergency responders, the Calgary Fire Department, to parks and recreation facilities and programs, Community & Neighbourhood Services is there for Calgarians.

Some highlights of CS&PS’ 2012-2014 proposed plans and budgets include:
  • $10.7 million in productivity gains and efficiencies were identified including:
    • $5.4 million from reorganizing and consolidating operational structure
    • $800,000 from changes in fleet
    • $900,000 in utility savings from facility upgrades
    • $2.3 million in reduced administration costs (e.g. materials and supplies, training and business expenses)
    • The remaining $1.3 million is being realized through miscellaneous productivity gains and contract agreements
  • A budget increase of $8.3 million is required to fund and staff new emergency response stations in Douglas Glen and Seton.
  • A budget increase of $1.2 million is required to hire nine full-time staff equivalents for the 9-1-1 call centre to further improve call answering times. 
  • Modest user fee increases are being sought for recreational programs and pet licensing.
Visit for more details on CS&PS’ proposed business plans and budgets. Tomorrow’s blog post will provide highlights from The City’s Planning, Development & Assessment department.

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