Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Proposed plans and budgets, Part 3: Transportation

Today’s post, part of the week-long series on The City’s proposed 2012-2014 business plans and budgets, features The City’s Transportation department.

Monday: Community & Protective Services
Tuesday: Planning, Development & Assessment
Wednesday: Transportation
Thursday: Utilities & Environmental Protection
Friday: Corporate Services and Corporate Administration

The Transportation department plans, designs, builds, operates and maintains a complete transportation network including pedestrian, bicycle, carpooling, transit and road facilities.

Whether you walk, drive, cycle or take transit, you can be assured the Transportation department is working hard for you - designing and building interchanges and expressways, paving and maintaining roadways and pathways, clearing streets of gravel in the spring and snow and ice in the winter, filling potholes and repairing pavement and sidewalks. More than 2,500 employees kept our fleet of buses and trains travelling over 58 million km in 2010 alone.

The most recent citizen satisfaction survey shows traffic, roads and transit continue to be the most important issues facing Calgary. But it’s increasingly difficult to address the diverse and broad desires of Calgarians in a growing city. Some highlights from Transportation’s 2012-2014 proposed plans and budgets include:
  • Optimize transit service by matching frequency with demand, use community shuttles on less-traveled routes; $2 million net savings.
  • Inflationary costs of $11 million related to fuel, wages, etc., and new capital operating costs of $9 million over three years; West LRT is the only new service.
  • New budget money will be used to enhance snow clearing on priority routes.
Click here to see more details on Transportation’s proposed business plans and budgets. Check back tomorrow for highlights from the Utilities & Environmental Protection department.

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