Thursday, November 17, 2011

Proposed plans and budgets, Part 4: Utilities & Environmental Protection

As part of the week-long series on The City’s 2012-2014 business plans and budgets, today’s post features the Utilities & Environmental Protection department (UEP).

Monday: Community & Protective Services
Tuesday: Planning, Development & Assessment
Wednesday: Transportation
Thursday: Utilities & Environmental Protection
Friday: Corporate Services and Corporate Administration

This department works with the community and Corporation to conserve, protect and enhance air, land and water for present and future generations. UEP protects public health by providing clean drinking water, safely treating wastewater, protecting air quality and collecting recycling and garbage for over one million Calgarians. It also works to ensure a safe workplace for all City employees.

Some highlights from UEP’s 2012-2014 proposed plans and budgets include:
  • Operational efficiencies related to blue cart collection have resulted in cost savings resulting in a proposed 19 per cent reduction in blue cart recycling fees for 2012.
  • The water utility is self-supported through utility rates and receives no funding from property taxes. Proposed rate increases are required to pay for significant investments in the water system.
  • Full implementation of automated black cart garbage collection has resulted in reduced labour costs, cleaner communities and a safer work environment for employees.
Visit to see more details on UEP’s proposed business plans and budgets. Tomorrow’s blog post will highlight two departments that enable the rest of the organization to deliver effective and efficient services.

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