Friday, November 18, 2011

Proposed plans and budgets, Part 5: Corporate Services and Corporate Administration

Today’s blog post marks the last instalment of a week-long series on The City’s proposed 2012-2014 business plans and budgets. Corporate Services and Corporate Administration are two departments that provide citizen services and enable other City departments to deliver effective and efficient front-line services.
Corporate Services connects citizens with The City through 3-1-1 contact centre, the website, community engagement, and more. Citizens and businesses also receive services related to commercial and industrial land development, land sales, affordable housing, access to City data, and utility line assignments through these services.

Primarily though, the Department supports other City business units in areas of human resource management, communications, office and property management, information and technology, engineering and energy technical services, vehicles and equipment, just to name a few.  

Some highlights from Corporate Services’ 2012-2014 proposed plans and budgets include

  • Same or enhanced central print services through alternative service delivery, $750,000 annual savings.
  • Review all supplier relationships with the objective of achieving better cost outcomes. 
  • Review and complete business process improvements and refine benchmark measures to realize greater efficiencies.
  • Freezing service rates while absorbing inflationary cost, thus increasing cost effectiveness
  • Reducing energy (i.e. electricity and natural gas) and fuel (i.e. gasoline and diesel) consumption through energy audits, demand management analysis, and conservation techniques; thus reducing cost and greenhouse gas emissions.

Click here to see more details on Corporate Services’ proposed business plans and budgets.

Last, but not least, is Corporate Administration. This department supports Council, the City Manager, the City Solicitor, the Chief Financial Officer and the City Clerk in fulfilling their legislated and other duties to The Corporation, so that Council and Administration can provide excellence in municipal management and quality public service. Organization-wide changes to system-wide, structural or governance issues are championed by this department.

Some highlights from Corporate Administration’s 2012-2014 proposed plans and budgets include: 

  • Consolidation of staff resources, supply chain software and such system process improvements as contract management and investment recovery will result in savings of $1.04 million over three years.
  • One time budget requests for the Civic Election and Enumeration in 2013 and additional census question in 2014.
  • Implement corporate efficiency and effectiveness strategies and improvements to performance measures and benchmarking with support from the Chief Financial Officer’s Department.

Click here to see more details on Corporate Administration’s proposed business plans and budgets.

This concludes the week-long posts on City departments and their proposed business plans and budgets. Council’s deliberations will begin next Monday. You can watch the deliberations online (click on the “Start Webcast” button).

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