Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Showcase Your School at The Mayor's Environment Expo

Teachers and students, we are inviting you to showcase your school at The Mayor's Environment Expo and celebrate your classrooms' environmental stewardship. Get involved in creating a new generation of Calgarians that appreciate the beauty of our complex eco-system.

“The students are so passionate about their planet. It has been very rewarding to feed that passion and watch them learn how they can make a meaningful difference,” said Liz McManus, 2011's showcase school teacher at Samuel W. Shaw School. “These guys have found their voice and made an enormous difference at our school and in their own lives.”

There are over 50 exhibitors that provide interactive, hands-on learning to students on eco-action that’s happening in Calgary year-round.  Teachers can also choose from over 80 workshops and theatre presentations that cover grade-specific curriculum-based topics on environmental stewardship.

“If the earth isn’t healthy, we won’t be healthy either,” said Grade 6 student Skylar Reeves. “If we all pay more attention to what goes into the recycling and we compost, then there would be less garbage going into the landfills.”

The 2012 Mayor’s Environment Expo takes place June 5-7 at the Municipal Building.

All Showcase Schools qualify for a $250 grant to help with their projects.  Free transportation to and from the Expo is provided by Calgary Transit.

Become part of the legacy that helps expands actions in support of a healthier and more sustainable community.

Application deadline is December 16, 2011.  

For more information or to fill out an application, visit us online at All Showcase Schools qualify for a $250 grant from Encana to help with their projects.

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