Thursday, June 9, 2011

The 2011 Mayor’s Environment Expo

Elementary and junior high aged kids descended on City Hall this week to help prove that tiny changes in behaviour and planning can have a huge impact on the environment and societies.

The lightning express: a concept vehicle from students
participating at the  Expo. It is a solar powered bullet train.
They’re doing this, in part, through the yearly Mayor’s Environment Expo, now going into its 22nd year. Over 2011 children will have attended the event this year and join over 45,000 others who have passed through the program in that time-frame.

This year the exhibit featured, in addition to 50 exhibitors and workshops, school projects that identified sustainable practices with a focus on making small changes and planning for a greener future. The event also featured a special presentation by Ryan Hreljac. Ryan started a project in grade one to bring safe clean drinking water to everyone. His simple dream has flourished into a foundation now celebrating its tenth anniversary and over 638 projects in 16 countries bringing and improving sanitation and healthy drinking water to over 714,000 people.

The Mayor’s Environment Expo educates and inspires students and, through them, families and the larger community.

“The students are so passionate about their planet!  It has been very rewarding to feed that passion and watch them learn how they can make a meaningful difference,” said Liz McManus, showcase school teacher for grades 5 and 6 at Samuel W. Shaw School. “These guys have found their voice and made an enormous difference at our school and in their own lives.”

Also, on display at Expo were the winning photos from the high school photo contest held earlier in the year and featured on this blog.  

City of Calgary – Mayor’s Environment Expo, is held annually in June.  For more information visit:

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