Thursday, June 9, 2011

Solar thermal panels help Calgary dive into sustainability

Powering our pools with a giant fission reactor is a great way to save on operating costs while reducing environmental impact. The fact that the fission reaction is approximately 11 minutes away at the speed of light, and is free, is even more of a bonus.

The City of Calgary’s Energy Management Office, Infrastructure & Information Services and Recreation have partnered together with Enmax and the provincial government to create a green initiative for Southland Leisure Centre. This pilot project strategically places solar thermal panels on the top of the leisure centre in order to capture and convert the sun’s heat energy to heat the centre’s water.

Municipal pools are considered one of the best applications for using solar energy to heat water and Southland Leisure Centre, a busy, year-round facility was selected to demonstrate the solar thermal heating technology using evacuated tube type solar panels.

To experience the results of this awesome technology drop in at Southland Leisure Centre and take a dip in the solar powered water. It’ll probably be the greenest indoor swim you’ve ever experienced. Watch our video for an explanation of the technology as well as to see the arrays up close.

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