Friday, June 6, 2014

Remembering the 2013 June flood; response, recovery and the road ahead - Parks

Tonnes of silt and debris covered Prince’s Island Park after the flood. With an enormous effort from both City staff and volunteers, the beloved park opened for the summer festival season, starting with the Calgary Folk Music Festival at the end of July.

Over the course of the year, Parks has reopened 72 of the 93 kilometres of affected pathway. More than 30 parks were closed at the height of the flood; to date, major repair work remains in Bowmont Park, Beaverdam Flats, the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, and Weaselhead Flats. Bowness Park is currently closed due to a three-year redevelopment initiative, but flood damage in the park has been repaired.

Where feasible, resiliency has been built into parks and pathways to protect against future floods. Shorelines have been armoured and bermed in critical areas, and vegetation has been planted to reduce soil erosion. Mechanical components of buildings have also been relocated above flood levels.

Visit for 2013 flood facts, photos, infographics and more.

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