Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Roadway Activity Map allows citizens to identify projects happening in road right-of-ways

Have you ever been travelling down a street in Calgary and come upon a crew doing some work and wonder to yourself what kind of work are they doing? Now, you can find out easily by visiting The City of Calgary’s new Roadway Activity Map.

This map is a collaboration between Roads and several other City business units, including Water Services, Water Resources, Transportation Infrastructure, Transportation Planning, Recreation, Corporate Analytics and Innovation, and Information Technology.

Not just another map

While The City has an array of helpful maps on the map gallery, The Roadway Activity Map sets itself apart by being a real-time application that shows both planned and active work. This includes both short term and long term projects including work like construction paving, sidewalk concrete work and microsurfacing.

The map also has the functionality to show special events – such as road closures for parades or festivals.

“This map was created to help eliminate potential conflicts from work happening on roadways (for example underground work happening on fresh pavement),” states Henry Sun, Business Strategist with Roads. “It provides both citizens and third party providers a glimpse at the bigger picture on our roadways in terms of construction.”

Added benefits

The map combines information from a number of data sources and allows both citizens and third party access to unprecedented information on work happening around Calgary.

The Roadway Activity Map project is the first City map to use the ArcGIS Online technology, which is a Cloud-based technology solution. Unlike traditional map applications, the functions on the Map are called Widgets, which can be reused by other City map applications using the same ArcGIS Online technology.

To see the map in action, visit

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