Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good News Stories from the Calgary Flood

The 2013 flood that hit our great city will certainly be recounted as one of the most significant events of Calgary’s time. Although we’ll never forget the losses each of us may have experienced during this time, it’s important to remember how each of came together locally, provincially, nationally and even globally to support Calgary through its time of need. Below are a collection of good news stories that surfaced in the face of this tragic event.

The City of Calgary would like to thank the local media for their exemplary job informing Calgarians as well as sharing their tremendous personal stories.

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Calgarians say thank you to City staff 

Kids say thank you to City staff (photo slideshow)

Children say thanks

Good news stories in the media 

Calgary Flood Stories - City YouTube Playlist

Our Spirit Runs Deep

Heart warming stories involving animals
Artists inspired by the flood
Artist, Jack Bride, gathered jars of murky river water and went home to paint “Super-Moon Flood,” a 22” x 30” watercolour and gouache painting—staying up all night with the June supermoon and using the river water to thin his paints. “I wanted to channel all of that energy into the art piece,” says the 31-year-old artist.
Stories from or about City staff
    Calgary flood goes worldwide
    Screen Captures of the Calgary Flood in the worldwide media